Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Papertrey Riley

This Coffee Riley makes me smile. I think he is my favorite, but I have Hammock Riley and Campfire Riley on the way from ePaperie. Super simple card with the Papertrey colors from last month. I absolutely love their twill ribbon, well pretty much all of their ribbon. I colored him with my new prisma color pencils.

If anyone has any advice on what I'm doing wrong with my camera, please let me know. I am not zooming, just trying to get as close as I can while the image still looks clear to me in the camera's viewer. My camera is a Canon Powershot Digital Elph.

Supplies: Coffee Riley from Hanna Stamps, Mixed Messages, Everyday Blessings patterned paper, Aqua Mist cardstock and twill from Papertrey, Martha Stewart scallop punch and SU 1 1/4 round punch.


peanutbee said...

Hey Sandy! Looks great. I love all the new PT ribbon too...am trying to narrow down which ones I want.

What I do for my pics is take them outside in natural light, I take the pics sort of further back, then I crop them in Paint Shop Pro, save the cropped image, and then upload that image. That's how I get a focused zoomed in image anyway. If I hold my camera too close, mine get out of focus. HTH!

Janice M said...

Cute card!

Kathy H said...

Hey Thanks for leaving me a comment. I think the Riley's are awesome.

Laura said...


Don't know if this will help or not, but I had a lot of trouble figuring out which settings worked best for me, too. I wound up using the portrait setting. Sometimes it actually works better if you are closer, and other times it seems best if you are a little further away, but zoom in a bit. peanutbee is right that cropping a little closer while editing and then saving the cropped image seems to work nicely, too.

For me, best is shooting in natural light indoors- a nice bright day when there is a lot of *indirect* sunlight. Outdoors in indirect light works, too, but I don't like dealing with wind and shadows, etc. if I don't have to. A white or light color backdrop that will reflect the natural light works great. Just a sheet or somthing. My pictures always look best in indirect natural light, flash off, and Ott light to fill in shadows. If you don't have an Ott light, Try a natural light bulb in a desk lamp- even just a reveal lightbulb is better than regular incandescent.

By no means are my pictures the greatest-just sharing tips that have helped me while trying to figure it out, too.
Good luck!

Laura said...

here is a link for how to turn an ordinary dollar store bucket into a mini light box. I've tried this, and it works great. http://www.instructables.com/id/EZBS5PET1OEWPKH4LT/