Friday, August 6, 2010

Making Progress

Granted it's a little slower than I would like, but still I am progressing nicely in relocating my craft room to a different bedroom in my house. It's working out great so far. I bought 6 more crafting cubes in different configurations from Michael's last weekend and set up the 2nd side to my main work area.

I decided to take a little break from organizing and allow myself to work on some projects. In the past week, I made a mini album from my 4th of July weekend trip to Maryland, AND a little birthday calendar book, AND a few bookmarks. I need to take some better pictures of those projects before posting them here though.


Kathy H said...

Good luck with the moving it all, I have to move mine soon too!

Joyscorner said...

It looks like a bright and happy room to craft in. You deserve it!
Love ya, mean it!

Jonia said...

Sandy, love the way you used the cubes to make a work station in the middle of your craft room. Wonderful idea.

Stephanie said...

This look wonderful!