Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Luck" of the Irish

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Okay, so I was up until midnight last night making cupcakes to take to work today, hence the reason I don’t have a project to share on my blog. They turned out downright YUMMY!! I just used a devil’s food cake mix, but I put a miniature Reese's peanut butter cup in the center of each one. What a fun little surprise, right? I got the idea from Coastal Cupcakes, a local “cupcakery” here in Wilmington, NC. I LOVE that place. They only have their Peanut Butter Pirate cupcakes on Fridays, so I decided to make them myself. A much more cost effective decision too. I initially was going to use store bought icing, but I remembered this wonderful frosting my Mom made for a triple layer cake she made a few times for Christmas Eve. I knew it would be perfect, so I asked her to whip me up a batch. We taste tested them last night after watching Dancing With The Stars and they passed with flying colors.

Anyway, I was all excited to take the cupcakes to work. I borrowed a 2nd Tupperware cake taker from my Mom and as I was headed out the door to work I thought … these things are *wonderful* to tote stuff like this … then, I no sooner finished that thought and the bottom of the cake taker in my left hand came apart from the lid and handle … so ½ the batch of cupcakes fell onto my front porch, icing down. Actually 3 stayed in the container but they were a jumbled up mess. So, needless to say I was late to work today because I had to throw away 9 little St. Patty’s Day cuppycakes and clean up the homemade icing that was everywhere. Then came the realization that I no longer had enough cupcakes to share with everyone in the office :-(. What was I going to do? Only give them to people dressed in green? Ask the 2 guys that share my office which coworkers were “cupcake-worthy”?? Cut them in half so I had enough for everyone??? Or eat them all myself???? lol. Surprisingly, I didn’t eat them all myself (after all, the 3 jumbled up cupcakes were home waiting for me … they were edible just too ugly to take to work). So, I just decided to put them in the kitchen first come / first serve style.

Okay, sorry for the lengthy, detail-ridden play by play … but I figured since I don’t have a project to share with you, the least I can do is make you chuckle. Be sure to check back tomorrow because I will be posting blog candy. And despite today’s St. Patrick’s Day cupcake fiasco, some of the goodies are cupcake themed. Because no matter what … I’m ALL about a cupcake.


Michelle B. AKA JustPaintingAround said...

OH NO! That stinks! Wish I could say I had never done it tho! Ha!

Kathy H said...

OH NO...