Thursday, May 15, 2008

RAK from Alison

I've been wanting to share this gorgeous card that Alison sent me, but I couldn't seem to get a good enough picture to show all of the details on the card (click on the picture to see for yourself). Well it dawned on me that I hadn't tried laying the card down flat. This card has so many special touches: the cut out bee has dazzling diamonds on it, the CB pieces have been sponged with ink and my favorite part ... the microbeaded sunflower centers.

It is such a beautiful card and was a sweet gesture. She just sent it to me because she thought I needed a little sunshine. Thanks again Alison, I love it.


peanutbee said...

Awwww, I remember this card. It's gorgeous with all the bling!! You're a lucky girl to receive it.

Have a good night and a great weekend, Sandy!

chelemom said...

You lucky girl!!! Beautiful card!

Heidi said...

Beautiful card, so nice of you to share for her........... nice blog- just found it today!